Farewell, old “friend,” and thanks for everything

A lot of people name their cars as a way of assigning a personality, as if their car is their friend or something. I never did that.

But for the last seven-and-a-half years of my life, my first car served as a stronger constant and companion in my life than any of my friends. That might sound sad, but it’s a simple truth of growing up that friends change as we go from high school to college and beyond. My 1996 Saturn was a part of my life on a daily basis from the day we bought it in July 2003 until the last time I ever drove it on Feb. 6. As incredible as the friendships I have enjoyed during that time have been, none has covered that entire stretch.

Now, simply owning a car for more than seven years does not make it a part of your life worth writing about because, obviously, it is just a piece of property useful for taking you from place to place. But in this case, my car served a far greater purpose.

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