Where the love light gleams

I’ll be home for Christmas; you can count on me

I have never lived really far from my family. Even now, 500 miles is an eight-hour drive. It’s not that far away. But at the same time, when I get home for Christmas it will have been almost four months since the last time I saw my grandparents and most of the rest of my family. It will mark the longest (by far) I’ve ever gone without seeing them.

I’ve been so blessed to have a close family, and I am very thankful for that fact. Since moving to Ashland, I have been overwhelmed with blessings in the way of tremendous friends who have become like family in a mere few months. But for the first time in my life I really am homesick.

The past week has been tough for my family. My grandpa has been sick, and he’s been in and out of the hospital. As of right now, he is at home and seemingly recovering. God provides and God takes care of us. God always has.

Yet it has been really tough for me to be down here while my family is gathering at the hospital in prayer and support for my grandpa. In the past, I would be there with them. I would stay as long as it takes, because that’s just the way my family is.

This is how bad it’s been: those corny holiday commercials about the son coming home from overseas or even just calling and talking to everyone and seeing the joy in the faces of his family have been really getting to me. They don’t make me cry, because that would be just really sad, but there’s a certain level of emotion when I see them and realize how much I can’t wait to go home. Continue reading