A new American Dream

There’s been a shift in our focus in the past generation, as we are looking more toward vocation than occupation. It’s a strange concept to place against the stereotypical American Dream of working hard and making a lot of money. But it’s definitely played a role in the focus of society today.

I think it’s probably pretty safe to say that older generations might consider our younger generation to be lazier than they were. There’s this idea of entitlement that young people often seem to have today, suggesting that we believe we have some sort of divine right to happiness and wealth. A lot of times we mistake the words of our founding fathers suggesting we have the right of the pursuit of happiness and assume it is our right to have everything given to us that grants us happiness.

At the same time, we’re seeing a different focus in the desires of young people. Whereas past generations would graduate high school (and some college) and advance into the workplace looking for the most steady job to provide for the family and begin accumulating wealth, that seems to take a secondary role among the younger generation. Today, we seem to care more about personal fulfillment than the filling of our bank account. Continue reading


So you said that only proves that I’m insane

I was only having fun, wasn’t hurting anyone… And we all enjoyed the weekend for a change.

As I wrote about last week, I recently discovered that my lack of shame goes much further than I previously realized. One of the most enjoyable perks of such a quirk is that very few other people share my lack of shame. And my family is no exception.

For whatever reason I have long felt perfectly comfortable making a fool of myself in front of large groups of people. Many have asked where I get that, um, trait, since neither of my parents fit that description. In fact, I would have to say that both of my parents (and most of my family) are pretty shy.

Even as we listened to some horrific “singers” at the various karaoke nights on our cruise a few weeks ago, I had a near-impossible time convincing any of my family members to join me onstage for a song. They are all horrified of such a thing, as if the people in the crowd who we’ve never seen before will somehow haunt them forever. I don’t get it.

But I have no such reservations. And I took advantage of that fact on our cruise.

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