The secret of a sunrise

Some things just can’t be captured in words or even photographs. I had the opportunity to experience one of those things this morning when I sat atop the peak of Mt. McLoughlin as the sun crept over the horizon at 5:33 a.m.

A group of sixteen of us crazy young people met at the trailhead shortly after midnight to embark on the journey to the top of the 9,500-foot mountain. With a full moon, clear sky and flashlights lighting the path, we ventured out through the woods and up the ridge of the mountain. For the final hour or so, we were essentially climbing rocks of various shapes and sizes as we could see the colors of sunrise begin to illuminate the sky in the distance.

Right around 5 a.m. we reached the peak, made up of a small group of large rocks at the mountain’s highest point. We crowded together for warmth – the wind is pretty chilly at the top of a mountain – and sat back to witness the fullness of God’s glorious creation. And in no way was I disappointed.

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