Wisdom and hope from a diary of a young girl

“I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart.”

So often we gloss over quotes like these as inspirational yet kind of cheesy. Probably not this specific quote (due to its origin), but likely something with a similar basic sentiment can be found artistically written out on a wooden art piece somewhere in your house or office. It’s easy to sterilize the depth of words like these when we don’t really think about them.

This is probably the most famous quote from Anne Frank’s diary. Many people read the diary in middle school or high school while learning about World War II and the Holocaust. But that “many people” is dwindling, I think. I didn’t read it when I was in school, and recent discussions have led me to believe fewer and fewer kids are learning about the Holocaust in school. I actually read an article in The (not at all failing) New York Times today about that very thing. Continue reading


One year later

February 2016 was probably the roughest month of my life. The busiest stretch of the year at work meant I was working close to 80 hours per week without any sign of rest or a single day off. Frustrations mounted as what I thought would be my dream job turned into more of a nightmare. And in the midst of it all, on a Monday night my mom called me in tears.

Her big brother, my Uncle David, had been killed in a snowmobile accident.

My first thoughts and concerns were for my mom and her other two brothers, my Aunt Renee and cousins Trisha and Amy and my grandparents. Then it hit me – I couldn’t get away from work to be with them in this time of mourning. Continue reading